Parents, It's Ok That Your Kids Aren't Behaving During Our Shoot!

I have seen this so much over the past 6 years I have been taking family photos and I wanted to let you know that it's ok. Kids are confused and don't act like themselves during your photo session and that's stressful, because you paid good money for this time and you had better get some framable prints out of it! I assure you that we will! It is a brand new situation for your kids, even if they've done it every year since they were a baby. It's new each time and the expectation for them to sit still and give me a real smile is usually too much for them. Even my friends' kids, who I am around multiple times a week, turn into a completely different children once we set up a designated time to take their photos. They know it is something different and a lot is expected from them. It is exhausting and confusing for them and for you. 

That's where my job comes in and that's what I love to do. Let me get to know your kids. Let me be the one who is patient with them. There will be fussing and there will be tons (hundreds) of throw away photos, but I have done this a hundred times and know how to get your kids' personalities to shine in photos, even if it's just in 4 out of 273 photos we take during our time together! It is my joy to get to know kids and get them to smile in a new and stressful situation. You may walk away from our time together feeling defeated or embarrassed because your child did not act in his or her best behavior, and that's ok, but trust me when I say I will not leave a shoot until I am positive I have gotten a few great shots of your child. In my part-time job as a nanny, it is my responsibility to keep other people's children happy, to be patient during melt downs, to tickle their toes and to make ridiculous faces and sounds. I am used to it and I love it and I will treat your children the same way and love every minute of it. 

Parents, when you book a shoot with me, don't be nervous that your kids won't corporate, they probably won't! Let's have fun together as you help me get to know them and work together to make our shoot an exciting and safe feeling for your kids! I promise you will be happy with the results and I promise I don't think you have a bad kid, just a human one. :)

It is my joy to get to know kids and get them to smile in a new and stressful situation.